5 Facts About Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection

Everyone dreams to buy their own dream house which is a very exciting adventure in life. It is one of the biggest investments in anyone’s life too. But after buying the home the work is not over yet it is just the beginning because you have to maintain it. There are very high chances that after you start living in your home you will find some the hidden faults in your home. It can lead you to unplanned repair costs in your home.

Pre-Purchase Pest Inspection

Many people make a mistake, they just hurry up and buy the house without checking the faults. It, later on, costs them lots of their money on repairing. A pre-purchase pest inspection is very important. You should not avoid it when you are doing the biggest investment of your life. If pests are present on the property, then, you should look for any other property. Because pests like termites must have damaged the property till then. So, if you do a pre-purchase pest inspection you will get to know about their faults.

In this article, we are going to share 5 facts about pre-purchase pest inspection, which will help you to know more to identify the faults and choose the correct home for yourself.

  1. Structural Problems

When you are buying a new home, you must call a professional pest control company in Fortitude Valley for a pre-purchase pest inspection. A trained professional will come to the property and examine it thoroughly for you and identify the issues. Some structural damage can leave an opening for pests to enter the property.

  1. Drainage and plumbing issues

Drainage and plumbing issues can be a major reason for pest infestation on the property and also it is very expensive to fix them up. An increase in moist level in the property will lead to pest infestation. So, a pre-purchase pest inspection will help you to identify the drainage and plumbing issues in the property too.

  1. Termites and other pests

The pre-purchase pest inspection will provide you with a report of pest inspection which will help you to identify pest infestation and if you find out any history of pests living on the property, then, you should get a thorough pest control treatment to ensure that those don’t come back.

  1. Mold and rotting timber

If mold and rotting timbers are present on the premises, and you bought the property without pre-purchase inspection, then, it’s going to create chaos in your life. So, a pre-purchase pest inspection will help you to identify these problems and they will also help you to get rid of it too.

  1. Safety and compliances

The report provided by pest control services is very important to be checked. They tell you about not only the pest infestation but also about the safety and compliances. If any of the parts of the building is damaged and the property is safe to live in or not.


A pre-purchase pest inspection is very beneficial and you should not avoid it when you are buying your dream home. You must not like it if your dream home will look dull, pest-infested, or damaged. So, a pre-purchase pest inspection will help you to identify the problems.