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Ants are everywhere. You can find at least one ant wherever you go. Although they seem harmless and one can feel that there is no such need for ant control. But once they start to move in swarms the picture can be really something else. The ants live in the colony and can form sub colonies and if not stopped they can even make satellite colonies too. 

Moreover, if you have ants in your home then you will be in constant stress about everything, especially if you handle the kitchen. So, hire Pest Control Fortitude Valley for the best ant control services. Our company will provide you effective and efficient services for ant control. Moreover,we are one of the oldest companies in this industry in Fortitude Valley. So, for any query give us a call at 07 2000 4287.

ant control fortitude valley

Different Services We Offer for Ant Control in Fortitude Valley

Each person has their own crisis regarding ants. Some are fighting carpenter ants while others are dealing with fire ants. So, only one service is not sufficient for ant control. That is why our company provides various Ant control service like: 

Emergency Ant control services 

When it is time for emergencies the first thing you search for is ant control near me. But, do not worry our company provides an emergency ant control service for any urgencies. You can count on our experienced team to arrive at your property within 1 hour. 

Ant inspection and removal

Our experts can perform excellent ant inspection service and later on will decide what method to use for removal. Even if you are unsure about infestation you can just hire our ant inspection and removal service. And we will handle it all. 

Domestic ant control

The ants are one of the biggest annoyances at home. You can try all DIY you want but until you book a professional company for home ant control or domestic ant control services. They will not leave the house. So, just give us a call for domestic ants control services. 

Restaurant ant control

What more does an ant colony need other than a lot of unnoticed area and tons of food? Nothing, the restaurant is a most favorite place for ants to be. If you are looking for a professional Ant treatment service then you can always count on us. 

Pre-purchase ant inspection

Pre-purchase inspection service is always advisable before an individual invests in any property. Moreover, for pre-purchase inspection services, you will need an expert and reliable company only. Our company is both reliable and expert, so do not hesitate to reach out to our experts for pre-purchase ant inspection.

Same day ant control

Same day ant control is one of our most demanded services in Fortitude Valley. In this service, our experts will arrive at your property in less than 24 hours or on the same day. So, if you require ant control on the same day contact us.

Ant Control Tips And Tricks

When there is one Ant, there are thousands more. So, for every small thing, you can not call an ant control company. That is why here are some of the home tricks and tips to keep them in check: 

  1. Diatomaceous earth (silicon dioxide)- All you have to do is either follow instructions on the pack, or you can just sprinkle some on the top of the colony.
  1. Glass cleaner and liquid detergent- Mix them both and spray on the area with high ant traffic. These two after mixing up become great repellent.
  1. Pepper- Ants are not able to survive pepper. So, all you have to do is sprinkle them and ants will leave.

Affordable Ant Controllers  In Fortitude Valley

You will often think that hiring a pest control is a waste of money and even if it is important it is way too costly for you. But do not worry our company has solved your problems. You can pretty much have an idea why ant control is important. But what if we tell you that ant control is not that expensive. Yes, our company offers excellent services at very reasonable and affordable prices. Also, just because our company is charging reasonable prices does not mean our services are not up to the mark. Instead, our services are over the mark and we are the finest Ant exterminators in Fortitude Valley.

Merits For Hiring Pest Control Fortitude Valley

  • All of our services are available at affordable prices at any time.
  • We are ready to provide you services 24*7.
  • Our company is certified and has insurance too.
  • All of our team members are also licensed. 
  • We also provide services for urgencies like Emergency Ant control and Same Day ant control. 


1.  Is the time of ants to invade your home fixed?

Most of the time you will see or spot the ants more often in summer and spring. As it is time for them to collect food and water.

2.  Why do ants invade our home in the first place?

Out of many reasons many species of ants invade your home in search of shelter and food. However, black and carpenter Ants can invade your house anytime for absolutely no reason. 

3.  Are Bull and Green Ants common in Fortitude?

Yes, bull and green ants are common but not only in Fortitude Valley but in entire Australia. 

Ant Control Fortitude Valley
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